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Iraq: U.S. Military Says Iraqi Army Division Surrenders At Mosul

Saliyah, Qatar; 11 April 2003 (RFE/RL) -- The U.S. military says a division of the Iraqi Army has surrendered to U.S. troops at the northern city of Mosul. Central Command spokesman Captain Frank Thorp said the commander of the 5th Corps of the Iraqi Army had communicated his intention to surrender. Thorp said U.S. forces are now determining whether to treat the Iraqis as enemy prisoners of war, or to let them return home.

Thorp said there may still be Iraqi forces who are prepared to fight in and around Mosul, but that the surrender of the 5th Corps is "very significant."

U.S. Major Rumi Nielson-Green said U.S. Special Forces troops are inside both Mosul and Kirkuk, which fell to allied Kurdish forces yesterday. Kurdish fighters say they are preparing to hand over authority to U.S. forces, as troops secured the oil fields around Kirkuk.

In Kirkuk, Mosul, and Baghdad, residents are reportedly looting public buildings. Several people in Kirkuk were reported killed in street violence overnight.

Another military spokesman, U.S. Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, said Iraqi leaders are attempting to flee to other countries. Brooks said the United States has issued a list of 55 individuals wanted by coalition forces.