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Iraq: Six Deaths Reported In Baghdad Explosions

Baghdad, 26 April 2003 (RFE/RL) -- U.S. Central Command says at least six Iraqi civilians were killed and four people were wounded in an explosion at an arms cache in a residential area of Baghdad today. A Central Command statement says the explosion occurred when an attacker fired "an unknown incendiary device" into an Iraqi arms dump. It said a U.S. soldier is among the four people injured in the blast.

Witnesses say the death toll will likely increase. For an on-the-scene account of the incident, see: Iraq: Baghdad Dispatch -- Chaos, Casualties Mounting In Zaafaraniya

In northeastern Iraq, U.S. troops say they have captured an airfield outside the city of Baqubah, near the Iranian border. U.S. troops had detained several armed Iraqis but say they met no resistance as they seized the airfield.

In Madrid, more than 100 exiled Iraqis from several opposition groups have started a weekend of talks on Iraq's future. Among the groups participating are the Iraqi National Congress, the Shi'ite Muslim party Al-Dawa and the Iraqi Communist party.