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Iraq/U.S.: Senator Calls On CIA To Release Data About Alleged Iraq Weapons Sites

Washington, 17 June 2003 (RFE/RL) -- A top U.S. senator says the CIA failed to provide a complete list of suspected Iraqi weapons sites to UN weapons inspectors, although the head of the CIA made public statements saying the agency did so. Carl Levin, the top Democrat in the Senate Armed Services Committee, made the remark yesterday.

He said there are discrepancies between CIA chief George Tenet's public statements on Iraq's suspected arsenal of banned weapons and classified information provided by the CIA to UN officials.

Levin called on Tenet to provide a complete accounting of the information given to UN weapons inspectors for public scrutiny.

Levin's comments came amid continuing controversy that the U.S. and British governments may have exaggerated the threat from Iraq's alleged weapons to justify the U.S.-led war.

In London, the parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee begins an inquiry today into whether the government misled parliament on the threat posed by Iraq.