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Iraq: New Attacks Against U.S. Soldiers Reported

Baghdad, 4 August 2003 (RFE/RL) -- Reports say U.S. troops in Iraq sustained new attacks today, with casualties reported in Baghdad. A U.S. army spokesman, Sergeant Marc Ingham, confirmed that unknown assailants threw an improvised exploding device on an army convoy near the Baghdad airport, wounding two soldiers. But he could not confirm that another attack on the Baghdad police headquarters had left three soldiers and their Iraqi translator injured.

The Arabic-language Al-Jazeera television channel said attacks against U.S. soldiers were also reported today in Samara, north of Baghdad, and on the road that stretches between the Iraqi capital and Ba'qubah to the north. Al-Jazeera said one of these attacks left several people injured, but the report could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile, U.S. forces continue recruiting soldiers for the new Iraqi army. Some 400 volunteers today were taken to a camp near the northern city of Kirkuk to begin two months training under U.S. instructors.

The U.S. wants 12,000 Iraqi soldiers to be ready for service by the end of this year.