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Afghansitan: More Fighting Along Border With Pakistan

Kabul, 13 August 2003 (RFE/RL) -- There are reports of heavy fighting in Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan today, as well as a car-bomb attack in the south. RFE/RL's correspondent in the southeastern province of Khost reports that some 100 fighters attacked a U.S.-backed Afghan post early this morning. Fifteen attackers, suspected neo-Taliban and Arab members of Al-Qaeda, and five border guards are reported to have been killed.

Elsewhere, Reuters news agency quoted Ghulam Mahaiuddin, an official in Helmand Province, as saying at least 15 people were killed and five others wounded when a car bomb exploded today.

In Kabul, authorities said two students were killed and another wounded after a bomb they were making apparently exploded prematurely. Khalilullah Aminzada, deputy chief of the Kabul police, told Reuters the students were thought to be preparing a car-bomb attack.