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Serbia: Prime Minister Says Belgrade Will Never Give Up Kosovo

Belgrade, 5 September 2003 (RFE/RL) -- Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic says the continuing push by Kosovo Albanians for independence is a "dangerous dream" and that Serbians will never agree to give up the southern province. Speaking at a session of Serbia and Montenegro's parliament yesterday, Zivkovic said he believed the country's accession to the European Union would eventually provide the solution for the Kosovo dispute.

Serbia's parliament last week adopted a document declaring Kosovo an integral and permanent part of Serbia. This language was not included in a resolution adopted by the joint Serbia and Montenegro parliament.

The joint body urged the start of a dialogue to solve the situation in Kosovo, in line with the United Nations resolution which says Kosovo is officially part of Serbia and Montenegro.

Kosovo has been administered by NATO and the UN since the the 1999 NATO military intervention ended the war between Serbian security forces and ethnic Albanian rebels.