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Heard in Iran: Discord Among President Ahmadinejad and Conservatives

Security Forces Prevent Workers from Celebrating May Day

April 30 -- An advocate for workers rights tells Radio Farda that the Iranian government prevents May Day celebrations because it fears massive protests against its policies, especially during the current economic crisis: “This [crackdown against the celebration of May Day] is not a new policy of the government. Look at the past 20 years. Have labor unions ever been able to express their opinions? Have they ever been able to hold a meeting? Never” [text in Persian].

Discord Among President Ahmadinejad and Conservatives

April 29 -- The recent friction between Iranian conservatives and President Ahmadinejad was the subject of Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, Viewpoints [text in Persian]. This week's participants were Tehran-based student activist Abdollah Momeni, journalist Mohammad-Sadegh Javadi Hesar and economist Fariborz Raisdana.

Students Strike over Alleged Abuse of Female Student

April 29 -- A student who does not want to be identified says students of Sahand Industrial University in Tabriz (northwestern Iran) organized a sit-in on April 23 followed by a hunger strike in order to protest the “attempted abuse” of a female student by a member of the university staff. The story's source says more than 20 students were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition, during the strike [text in Persian].

How Influential Is Iran in Iraq?

April 29 -- According to Durham University professor Anoushirvan Ehteshami: “If the Iraqi government intends to control the country politically, economically and security-wise, it eventually has to confront Iran” [audio in Persian]. Ehteshami says that, although the Iraqi government sees Iran as one of its allies, it is very sensitive to the presence of Iran’s military, political and religious forces in Iraq.

Reformist Candidate Supporters Protest Election Results

April 27 -- Four people were killed and several wounded by police during a protest against the announcement that a conservative candidate had won the runoff elections in Ilam (western Iran), according to journalist Masoud Kordpour [audio in Persian].