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Heard in Iran: Is Iran's Economic System Corrupt?

Is Iran's Economic System Corrupt?

June 14 -- Tehran-based lawyer Nemat Ahmadi, journalist Hossein Bastani and economist Fereidoun Khavand debate parliamentarian Abbas Palizdar's accusations of corruption involving senior clerics, the possible motives behind Palizdar's charges, the aftermath of Palizdar's announcement and the forces driving corruption in Iran on Radio Farda's weekly roundtable "Viewpoints" [audio in Persian / article in English].

Students Protest University Sex Scandal

June 15 -- A member of Iran's largest pro-reform student group, the Office to Foster Unity says [article in Persian] several students recorded video of the Vice Chancellor at Zanjan University in western Iran as he was allegedly harassing a female student. "The university dean and Minister of Higher Education must be accountable," the activist said.

Stopping Iran's Nuclear Program: One Last Chance?

June 17 -- Glasgow University professor Reza Taghizadeh says [article in Persian] Javier Solana's trip to Iran and offer of an improved set of incentives was the final diplomatic effort by the six major powers to convince countries, such as China and Russia, to back toughened sanctions over Iran's refusal to halt its nuclear enrichment program.

Students Threatened with Apostasy Charge

June 17 -- A member of the left-wing "Freedom and Equality-Seeking Group" says [article in Persian] prison guards told him and fellow jailed students, "You are leftists; hence against God... We can easily call for a fatwa against you and then treat you more harshly." According to the student, "The threats have continued since our release [from prison], and have become much more serious."

Jailed Labor Activist's Health Jeopardized

June 18 -- The wife of jailed Tehran Bus Company labor union chief Mansour Osanlu says [article in Persian] her husband was returned to prison from a hospital cardiac care unit before he could complete treatment for heart disease. She says Osanlu was under a lot of pressure at the hospital due to the presence of agents who said they had been ordered to guard him.