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U.S. Navy Arrives With Aid

4:50 p.m. local time (12:50 p.m. GMT)

The "USS Mount Whitney" is anchored outside the harbor.

I'm here at the port, along with a lot of people waving Georgian and U.S. flags. There's music playing, and locals are waving typical Georgian souvenirs in hopes of offering them to the Americans who come ashore to deliver the aid. Everybody is pretty excited.

I haven't seen anyone from the central government in Tbilisi, but I'm told that that they will be here. US AID coordinator John Miller is here, and local government representatives are here.

I should remind everybody that the U.S. aid shipment is supposed to include blankets, powdered milk, and sanitizing equipment -- and that this aid is not primarily bound for Poti's residents but is aimed at helping people in and around the conflict zones or displaced persons around Georgia.