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Heard in Iran: Women's Rights Activists Sentenced to Jail

Women's Rights Activists Sentenced to Jail

September 2 -- Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi tells Radio Farda that four women who are members of the One Million Signature Campaign -- Parvin Ardalan, Maryam Hosseinkhah, Jelveh Javaheri and Nahid Keshavarz -- have been sentenced to six months in jail for writing on women's issues on the Internet. [Audio in Persian].

Radio Farda Marks Second Anniversary of the One Million Signature Campaign

September 3 -- On Radio Farda's weekly show about women's issues, "The Other Voice," activists speak out about Iran's discriminatory laws against women and their hopes for the future [Audio in Persian]

Son of Executed Iranian Priest Arrested

September 2 -- Christian Ramtin Soudmand, whose father was hanged on charges of apostasy 20 years ago, has allegedly been arrested on charges related to his faith. "Recently, pressure on Christians has increased, and the government might have decided to prevent Muslims from converting to Christianity," a former priest of Iran's Korean church tells Radio Farda. [Audio in Persian]

How Will the U.S. Elections Affect Iran?

September 1 -- Three political analysts and activists -- Houshang Amir-Ahmadi, Cyrus Homayounpour and Shayan Samii -- discuss the U.S. elections and their potential impact on Iran in Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints." [Text in Persian]

Is Iran Backing Russia Against Georgia?

August 29 -- Political analyst Reza Taghizadeh says that, despite Iran's current support of Russia's military action in Georgia, Moscow's occasional support of Iran is topical and interest-based, not strategic or long term: "On putting a stop to Iran's nuclear program, Russia is in line with the world community. If, at some point, Iran's influence in the region contradicts Russia's interests, Russia will stand up to Iran" [Audio in Persian].

Crackdown on Ceremony for 1998 Execution Victims

August 29 -- A woman who lost her brother in the 1988 mass executions of Iran's political prisoners says, "We never thought that they wouldn't even let us visit our loved ones' graves." She says security forces have attacked the ceremonies in the past and removed flowers they wanted to put on graves, but not allowing mourners to enter the cemetery is unprecedented [Text in Persian].

Farda Marks 20th Anniversary of Prisoner Executions

August 28 -- Radio Farda's "Special Report" airs a two-part program marking the 20th anniversary of the 1988 executions of political prisoners. Part 1 - "The Blood Bath" [Text in Persian]. Part 2 - "Twenty Years Against Forgetting" [Text in Persian]