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Heard in Iran: Will the UN Pass a Resolution Against Iran?

Will the UN Pass a Resolution Against Iran?
September 19 -- Shannon Kile, a nuclear expert at the Stockholm Institute of Peace Research, tells Radio Farda that a UN resolution against Iran is unlikely this year. "I think that, right now, the tension between Russia and the West is so great over Georgia that, frankly, Iran is not at the top of the Russian policy agenda." He believes that "Russians are not going to help the Americans on Iran unless they get some quid pro quo from them" on other issues important to Russia. [Listen in Persian]
Will Iran Show Flexibility on Nukes?
September 22 -- Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," features two U.S.-based academics and a Tehran University professor discussing the recent IAEA report on Iran and the possibility that the regime will show any flexibility in the future. [Read in Persian]
Still No Word on Missing American in Iran
September 23 -- Christine Levinson, wife of former FBI agent Robert Levinson who disappeared in Iran l8 months ago, says Iranian officials are refusing to give her any information about her husband. "I know nothing about his welfare, or his whereabouts. He is 60 years old and has diabetes and high blood pressure, so that makes me extremely concerned." [Read in Persian]
Baha'i Leaving Iran in Droves
September 23 -- Each week in Tehran, members of the Baha'i religious group board a one-way train bound for Istanbul. One Baha'i passenger, an elderly teacher, tells Radio Farda about the discrimination he and his co-religionists have suffered over the years at the hands of the Iranian authorities. [Read in Persian]
Why are Iranian Wives Murdering Their Husbands?
September 24 -- Radio Farda's weekly program on women's issues, "The Other Voice" investigates the increasing number of cases involving wives who kill their husbands. [Read in Persian]
School Year Begins Amid Serious Problems
September 24 -- As the school gets underway in Iran, Radio Farda's "Special Program" examines the state of Iran's schools and universities by interviewing the former Chancellor of Tehran University, a Baha'i student who has been barred from attending school, and a Paris University sociology professor. [Read in Persian]
Female Student Activist Arrested
September 22 -- A female student involved in fighting gender discrimination has been arrested. "It's a shame that, at the beginning of the school year, Hasti Khazaravi from Khajeh Nasiredin Toosi University is not sitting at her desk in a classroom, but rather sits in a solitary jail cell," a fellow activist tells Radio Farda. [Listen to the story in Persian]