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Tatar-Bashkir Report: June 27, 2000

27 June 2000
Kazan Changing Legislation To Suit Moscow
Russian Deputy General-Prosecutor Alexander Zvyagintsev told Interfax on 26 June that the Tatarstan's prosecutors office has recently filed appeals against some 20 republican laws, including Tatarstan's Constitution. Zvyagintsev said the prosecutor's office in Tatarstan "demanded bringing the...republic's principal law confirming [it's] state sovereignty in conformity with federal legislation and abolishing [the facet of] Tatarstan's citizenship [that is] limiting the rights of Russian citizens...[in order to abolish the] norms" that place the republic's legal system outside of the federal legal system."

Shaimiev Meets Egyptian Ambassador
Tatarstan's president, Mintimer Shaimiev, met with the Egypian ambassador to Russia, Reda Akhmet Shekhata, on 26 June. According to the ambassador, Shaimiev's participation in the future visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Egypt will "be a double joy for Egypt and President [Hosni] Mubarak." Shekhata commented on Putin's recent visit to Kazan by saying that "it was a wise decision, clearing up many questions, not only in Russia, but also in the Arabic world." Both sides agreed on continuing and expanding bilateral cooperation. The head of the presidential Foreign Affairs Department, Timur Akulov, said that he hoped that Tatarstan's annual foreign trade turnover with Egypt will increase from the current $80 million with the help of joint truck production based on Tatarstan's KamAZ company.

Alsou Visits Kazan
The winner of the infamous Eurovison 2000 singing contest, 16-year-old Russian pop star Alsou, visited her home republic of Tatarstan on 25 June. That day she also held a concert at Kazan's Central Stadium. Tatarstan's prime minister, Rustam Minnikhanov, attended the concert and gave Alsou the republican state award for success in developing musical culture. Along with popular Russian songs, Alsou performed one Tatar song called "Chishmeler." On 27 June, Alsou will hold a concert in her hometown of Boegoelme.

By Iskender Nurmi