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Heard in Iran: Iran's Housing Crisis

Iran's Housing Crisis
November 18 -- In a special report on Iran's housing crisis, one Radio Farda listener asks, "How can one buy a house in Iran with skyrocketing prices and meager incomes?" Ahmad Alavi, a professor of economics, adds that the situation will likely get worse: "Plummeting oil revenues are likely to drive up housing prices," he says. [Read more in Persian]
Iran's Economic Crisis and Nuclear Policy
November 13 -- An expert on Iran's nuclear program tells Radio Farda that Iran's leaders may be willing to strike a deal with the U.S. and international community over the nuclear issue in order to get some economic relief. [Read more in Persian]
Iran's Power Structure
November 13 -- A prominent dissident and journalist tells Radio Farda that, because Iran's Supreme Leader ultimately controls the judiciary and police, even a reform-minded President would be unable to establish democracy in Iran. He also calls for a boycott of the upcoming presidential elections. [Read more in Persian]
Reaching Peace Through Religion
November 17 -- Radio Farda's weekly roundtable discussion, "Viewpoints," examine the potential for Arab-Israeli reconciliation through interfaith dialogue. Participants also discuss Iran's growing influence in the Middle East. [Read more in Persian]