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Heard in Iran: Woman Executed after Seven Years in Jail

Expert: Iran Unlikely to Back Off Nuke Plans
November 20 -- Shahram Chubin of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy tells Radio Farda that, despite sliding oil prices, Tehran is unlikely to back down from its nuclear standoff with the West. "The Iranian government likes to have enemies and likes to be besieged and embattled because that's the way they keep the revolution going," he says. [Listen to the interview in Persian]
Iran's Unemployment Crisis
November 22 -- One Radio Farda listener from Kerman says that seven family members with graduate degrees can't find a job and that most young men in his neighborhood are unemployed. Another listener, a worker in Tehran, says the government's official unemployment rate does not reflect reality. [Hear more about Iran's unemployment crisis in Persian]
Woman Executed after Seven Years in Jail
November 25 -- Without informing her lawyer beforehand, an Iranian woman accused of killing her husband was executed by Iranian authorities. On the day before her execution, Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh's daughter said her mother acted in self-defense in order to fend off a rape. [Listen to the story and hear from Fatemeh's attorney in Persian]
Four Students Arrested in Tehran
November 24 -- Before being arrested during a protest, one of four students at Alameh Tabatabai University told Radio Farda that authorities beat and kicked them. [Read more in Persian]
Prince Reza Pahlavi on Iran's Future
November 20 -- In an exclusive interview with Radio Farda following his speech to the British Parliament, Prince Reza Pahlavi urged Western leaders who favor engagement with Iran not to exclude pro-democracy groups in their contacts with Iranian officials. [Read the full interview in Persian]