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Heard in Afghanistan: Top US General Vows to Protect Civilians

McChrystal: US Forces Will Protect Civilians

June 30 -- In an exclusive interview with Radio Azadi, the commander of all U.S. forces in Afghanistan said the protection of Afghan civilians is one of the military's highest priorities. [Read the full interview in English]

Private Security Companies Create Controversy

July 2 -- On June 29, an armed clash between Afghan police and members of a security firm in Kandahar resulted in the death of the province’s security chief and at least four police officers. Callers and participants in Radio Azadi’s weekly call-in show, On the Waves of Liberty, believe such companies should be disarmed and dissolved. [Listen in Dari and Pashto]

New Military Operation Gives Afghans Hope

July 3 -- A prominent Afghan expert told Radio Azadi that he believes Operation Khanjar in Helmand Province will improve Afghanistan's overall security situation. [Read the interview with Waheed Mujda in Dari]

Afghan Artist Portrays Life through Paintings

June 1 -- Shuja, one of the first Afghan artists whose work is being exhibited in the Afghan National Gallery, portrays life in the war-torn country through his paintings. [See some of Shuja’s paintings here]