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The Rundown - November 30

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Sunday Morning Talk Shows
The analysis of Shields & Brooks
# "This Week" discusses Afghanistan
# "Face the Nation" has Senator Carl Levin
# "Meet the Press" has Rick Warren and Bill Gates

Obama's speech will have hints of an exit strategy
# Clive Crook on Afghanistan as a test for Obama
# Mullah Omar warns the West about an escalation in Afghanistan
# Daniel Schwammenthal on EU forces in Afghanistan
# Asif Ali Zardari has ceded control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal to the PM

Paula Dobriansky & Christian Whiton on helping Iran's democrats
# The "WSJ" ed board on Iran's nuclear program
# Walter Pincus on the Iranian navy

Putin dodges a question on the Magnitsky case
# The investigation into the weekend's train bombing continues
# The "FT" on the Russian justice system
# Russia has drafted a new European security treaty

Miriam Elder on Turkmenistan's fragile stability
# Simon Shuster on the scramble for Turkmenistan's resources

Of Interest
Matthew Collin on Azerbaijan's youth
# Jackson Diehl on waning Arab hopes for Obama
# "FP" lists the top 100 global thinkers
# Mary Elise Sarotte on NATO expansion
# Embassy Row - the "Washington Times"

-- Zach Peterson

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