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St. Petersburg As It's Seldom Seen

Photographer Alexander Petrosyan has lived in St. Petersburg for more than 35 years, and he sees Russia’s second city with a keen insider’s eye. His work reveals a beautiful, seedy, sunny, funny, madcap, and often bitterly cold city – sometimes all in the same photograph.

Born in Ukraine, the 47-year-old Petrosyan took up photography seriously in 2000 before landing his current gig as a staff photographer for the Kommersant publishing house. He’s won many awards for his work, which has appeared in “Newsweek” and “National Geographic,” among other publications. A collection of his photographs, titled “Peter,” was published in 2011.

“I support the view that pictures can say more about the photographer than he can himself,” Petrosyan tells RFE/RL. “I don’t have any special philosophy or concept. I just trust my instincts and the feelings that suggest themselves when I shoot.”

You can see more of Petrosyan’s work on his blog here.