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Hundreds Mourn As 13 Victims Of Shooting Rampage Buried

Hundreds of mourners gathered on April 12 outside the Serbian capital, Belgrade, for the funerals of 13 people killed in a shooting rampage by a lone gunman. Onlookers wept as wooden coffins bearing the bodies of the victims were lined up on a red carpet outside a small church in the village of Velika Ivanca. The victims were killed on April 9 when a 60-year-old war veteran, Ljubisa Bogdanovic, opened fire on relatives and neighbors, many of them in their sleep. Bogdanovic’s mother and 2-year-old son were among those killed. Bogdanovic died on April 11 in the hospital after shooting himself in the head following the rampage. Bogdanovich's motive remains unclear, although he had a history of mental illness and had lost his job last year. The killings are Serbia’s worst shooting incident in 20 years. (7 PHOTOS)