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Scenes From The Gulag's 'Dead Road'

Although many of the horrors of the Soviet Union's Gulag system of forced labor have been well-documented, there are still some gaps in our knowledge of the "archipelago" of prison camps where millions of inmates were literally worked to death. One little known aspect is the "Dead Road" -- an abortive project launched in 1947 as part of a grand plan to build a railway to Russia's easternmost territories across the desolate landscape of northern Siberia. When construction was halted after Stalin's death in 1953, nearly 700 kilometers of a railroad to nowhere had been built at a cost of billions of rubles and thousands of lives. Many of the camps were then simply left to rot in the sparsely populated polar taiga. Stepan Cernousek, a researcher with the Czech project, has traveled to some of these remote outposts in an effort to glean more information about life in these camps where so many inmates suffered and perished. Here's a selection of some of the photographs he brought back.