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A Woman Doctor's Regrets

The author can't understand why her professor wouldn't allow her own daughter to study medicine.
The author can't understand why her professor wouldn't allow her own daughter to study medicine.
Blogger Zendegi Majazi ma (Our Virtual Life) writes about one of her professors, who believes women should not study difficult subjects:

One of our teachers; a specialist lady doctor, said today that she would never allow her daughter to pursue a medical career! I was amazed.... Why would such a successful woman, clearly in love with her profession and having said on numerous occasions that she would opt for the same career had she ever had the chance to choose again, would not want her daughter to be like herself.

This thought escaped my mind once I heard all the girls (except me and one of my friends) say, "You have made a good decision." And one of them suggested, "Let her go for arts, it's very good for a girl." As if the teacher had been waiting for this, she agreed, adding to my amazement.

Does it mean that all these girls next to me, who are medical students and are soon to be doctors, regret their choices? Does it mean they are not going to opt for the same courses again, if given the choice?!

It's hard to believe, as I do not regret it. Why do I think I would go for the same field again if given the choice, despite all the difficulties that I went through all these years, the pre-examination stresses; some not even comparable to my university entrance exams?! Why don't I regret it?!

I asked my teacher why she doesn't want her daughter to become a medical student. She said: "Medicine is a difficult field.... Girls ought not to pursue such difficult fields...they should opt for the easier ones, like arts."

(No offense to the artists and their fans! I am just conveying the words of my teacher. It is not my intention to compare or question different fields. My question is why people have to regret their choices regarding their majors after passage of time?!)

I replied to my teacher, "What if your daughter was interested in the subject?" She said, "That is when I would doubt her intellect!"

Regarding my teacher; a successful person with deep passion for her profession, I believe it is a lack of recreation and a monotonous way of life that has held her back from enjoying her life, maybe the reason for her regret and being reluctant to let her daughter make the same mistake. Despite her regret, she still says she would go into the exact same field if given the luxury of being able to choose again.

Regarding my classmates, I believe their decision was not out of their own pure interest. Some wanted to fulfill their parents' dream, while others were under the impression that the profession is among one of the top ones and that they might be able to show off later on, which made them opt for this major.

I, until today...until this very moment...have never regretted my decision for my future...despite all its difficulties...and I hope that I would never ever get such a feeling! Oh God! Don't bring that day upon me!

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