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Ahmadinejad Cites Corruption Watchdog's Use Of 'Zionists'

President Mahmud Ahmadinejad criticized his rivals on June 10 for citing reports by Transparency International to indicate "the hike in corruption in Iran over the last four years."

He said the group used four companies to assess the level of corruption in Iran, including three run by "Zionists."

Ahmadinejad, who was speaking on state television, attacked presidential rivals for waging a "psychological war" against him. He said his government had achieved much, listing: making Iran "nuclear," possessing the technology to send satellites into space, and other measures of scientific progress, including the publication of "20,000 scientific articles" around the world.

He also said that his government is working 24 hours a day to solve problems.

Ahmadinejad's rivals have accused him of lying about the state of the economy and giving inaccurate figures, including the inflation rate.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari