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'An Obvious Swindle'

Iran has severely restricted the ability of foreign media to report from Tehran, necessitating a greater reliance on the reports of citizen journalists and impassioned listeners. While every effort has been made to do so, RFE/RL cannot vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of user-generated content, which appears below in orange type.

E-mails and voicemails sent to Radio Farda on June 25:

The obvious swindle report:
The spokesman of the Guardians Council practically announced the fiddle in the vote counts. It was confirmed when he announced that with the ballets being recounted, the number of votes Mr. Rezai earned fell. Technically, in the field of analyzable scientific matters, the results after several tests should be identical. Subsequently, this conveys the dishonesty of the vote counters or their fraud in delivering the statistics. If there are mistakes in the statistics of such small counts, the complete count would be a multiplied result of the minor error. The level of accuracy in the counts should be so high that the result would be identical after even a thousand recounts.
Even the Koran stresses the precise measurement in practical business and strictly forbids the use of varying measurement criteria.


I ask that you let FIFA know the news about the Iranian soccer players so that the Iranian team may be banned from all soccer matches. Also I request that you interview foreign artists and celebrities so that they may also break the matter to the dictator rulers of Iran by condemning the illegitimate Iranian government.
Ali, 33 years old, Tehran


Following the people's nightly protests, last night gunshots were heard in the neighborhoods of Piruzi in Tehran. Two kids along with a woman, in the charsad dastgah and doshan tappe were martyred by unidentified personnel. This piece of news was spread, unofficially, by the Fars news agency.
Majeed, a witness to the incident of murder.


I have graduated in electrical engineering and I know this for a fact that if only a sum of 500,000 people in Tehran plug in their irons at a fixed time, for instance this Saturday at 7 p.m., the complete electrical system of Tehran is going to face severe problems and hence no bloodshed and harm shall be incurred.
Our suggestion: This Friday, at 12 p.m. sharp, everyone could at least plug in one of their most powerful electricity-consuming devices, such as vacuum cleaners or irons, at least if nothing happens, two outcomes of the process are definite:
• They will fall into the trap of finding a solution to this expected blackout, since they are also aware of the plan by now, considering the odds of the leakage of this mail.
• The protest is the simplest and safest one and will be recorded in the history of the power industry of Iran.
As they will be unable to distinguish between those who have followed the plan and those who haven't, there is no need to worry. They will also be in favor of avoiding such power cuts as their own businesses would come to a halt. Therefore, it's worth a shot.


Why isn't the United Nations taking any action against the Iranian government, knowing that it is directly intervening in Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, Libyan, and Palestinian affairs, and also being fully aware of the Iranian government's intentions. Passing mere resolutions are not enough. Did you want to confirm that the Iranian nation is not filled with terrorists? Is it really fair that such an organization that has to start a major movement in the world, especially for those countries whose people have reached a dead end with their government and are unarmed and defenseless, remain silent? The United Nations is the organization of the nations of the world, not their governments, the nations have to be defended against injustice.