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Another Victim Of Postelection Unrest Buried

A grave at Behesht Zahra cemetery in southern Tehran
A grave at Behesht Zahra cemetery in southern Tehran
The body of Amir Javadifar, the latest known victim of the postelection crackdown, was buried on July 27 at Tehran's Behesht Zahra cemetery.

Javadifar, a 24-year-old student at Ghazvin University, was arrested at a peaceful July 9 street protest in Tehran and taken to a hospital.

His friend told Radio Farda that Javadifar was chased during the protest by a group of Basijis into a dead-end street in the Amirabad district, where they beat him violently before handing him over to security forces.

He was kept in the hospital for a few days under the watch of security officers, and later he was transferred to a detention center.

Javadifar's friend, who wants to remain anonymous for security reasons, told Radio Farda that his family didn't have any news from him until the authorities informed them that their son had died in custody.

The friend, who had seen Javadifar's body, told Radio Farda "there were clear signs of torture on his body, including a broken tooth and extracted toenail."

The security forces have reportedly advised the Javadifar family not to give interviews to the media. They were also told not to tell people the real reason of Javadifar's death.

Javadifar's friend told Radio Farda that he was a gifted songwriter and stage performer and that he was not a political person.

The Javadifar family wanted to bury their son by the grave of Neda Agha Soltan, who was also killed in the postelection crackdown, but they finally buried him near the graves of victims of the recent air crash in Tehran.

-- Rosa Ajiri