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Axis Of Edible Targets World Cup Star Paul The Octopus

Two year-old octopus Paul, the so-called octopus oracle, predicted correctly in all eight 2010 World Cup matches he was asked to tip.
First, there was the proliferation of octopus recipes in the wake of Paul the eight-armed prognosticator's stunning success picking World Cup winners. Fans from the losing sides called for the head of Oberhausen Aquarium Sea Life Center's most famous denizen (and possibly England's most successful contribution to the 2010 World Cup) on a platter.

Now RIA Novosti reports that Paul's "brethren" (presumably octopus or calamari) was served to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Dmitry Medvedev at dinner in St. Petersburg on July 14. That's at a dinner where they also talked about the World Cup, reports say.

Merkel probably wasn't complaining, since she'll take any whiff of popularity she can muster back at home. And Germans really hate this octopus for picking Spain to beat them in the semifinals.

But the Russians had best change the menu when José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero comes to town.

-- Andy Heil

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