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Beatings And 'Marshal Law'

Voicemails to Radio Farda from June 15.

Hey, the war between Rafsanjani and Khamenei has began, they have blocked SMS [services] for four days now. I called the telecommunications company and they said, "It will be cut for long time." That means the Iranian people are unable to contact each other, Internet speed has decreased dramatically, and all sites filtered. What we can do? Please help us.

Mr. Musavi should establish a committee that starts to identify at least 100 people who participated in election from each province. They know who they voted for and they have fingerprints; if the fingerprint matches their vote, the voters know who they voted for.

I am Farid from Karaj [nearTehran].
I have heard some news that tonight will be marshal law in Tehran from 9 p.m. and security forces have been authorized to shoot protesters. Yesterday it was so close that one of my friends got shoot and I have heard that so far there are 16 people who have been killed in Tehran. But that has not been reported by state TV.

It is right that some people come out into the streets to support Mr. Musavi. But according to what principle should people support him? Nobody knows much about him comprehensively; he nominated himself for two months and now a group of people are following him. I think he should introduce himself to the people in advance and, as you see in the media, there are many people who vote for Ahmadinejad. I don't think the people who protest against the results of election are the same as the people who vote for Ahmadinejad.

I am a business man from Azerbaijan Street parallel to Kargar Street [in north-central Tehran]. Now thousands of people are going toward Azadi and Enghelab squares, and cars are blowing their horns, and show the symbol of victory with their fingers. It is really looks like the revolution times (refer to 1979 revolution). Please help these people.

Mr. Musavi, we ask you not to give up, and not betray the words which ask you for calmness. Mr. Musavi, you are not able to defend your rights without the people's support. Mr. Musavi, you said that you felt danger for Iran and that was your reason for taking part in the presidential election. Now this danger has involved all Iranian people. I beg you not to give up, not only because of your right but also for people's rights as well.

I am calling you from Busheher [in southern Iran]. The time now is 4:37 p.m. and people have been gathered and shouting, "Musavi, take back our votes!"

I am calling you from Shiraz. Today is Monday and the time is about 4:30. From 12:30 this afternoon, Shiraz radio has been controlled by the Revolutionary Guards' general, who were instructing the Basij to come to the areas where they had already been told at 3:00 pm; they also have released a statement telling pious people that unbelievers and counterrevolutionaries are going to demolish the revolution. You should consider who are the Basijis in the street that have beaten the civilians?
I am a Basiji, but a Basiji during wartime -- not now. I am not called a Basiji; those are Basiji who have been fully supported by the government and now they are responsible for this.
Last night my wife and my kids went shopping and they saw that people were beaten by Basijis, Revolutionary Guards, and even some people who had been brought to our city from villages.