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Boycotting The State Relief Committee

Blogger Barane Gonah (Rain Of Sins) is angry over the Iranian government's assistance to Palestinians and others outside the country:

From this day onward, I shall not put any money in the State Relief Committee boxes.

When I see the pain and suffering of Iranian children and witness them standing on the roadside every morning, begging for work to earn some food, regardless of the weather; when I see a mother who sells herself to be able to get her kids some food; when I hear an unemployed father commits suicide or a mother kills her child over her financial problems; when I hear that the State Relief Committee is paying billions to foreigners for their daughter's dowry and thousands of Palestinians on a monthly basis; I vow to myself never to put a single coin in their charity boxes or participate in any of their fundraisers. Although I am aware that this is the tax money and the oil revenue of Iran; it's the lost money of Iran.

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