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Can You Hear Me, Europe?

The European Parliament elections start tomorrow and with abstention rates among 18-24 year olds over 75 percent, the European Union is trying hard to get the kids out to vote.

There's the Can You Hear Me Europe? website where you can "get the skinny on what the elections are all about and check out what some of Europe’s top recording artists have to say about being part of the coolest community -- Europe."

Or the series of ads, There's Always Time To Vote, which are clearly going for the teen-slasher demographic.

A good effort, I guess, especially when getting Europeans interested in elections for a parliament most of them don't connect with is an uphill struggle.

But wouldn't it be better to focus on the things that many young Europeans really care about like free travel, cross-border educational opportunities, grants, roaming charges, the Champions League, rather than patronize them with a goofy ad?

Watching European Union PR -- with all that talk of being "cool" -- is a little like watching your dad dance at a disco. When he's well into his seventies.

-- Luke Allnutt

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