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Confusion Surrounds Purported Attack On Chechen Renegade

Isa Yamadayev in 2003
Isa Yamadayev in 2003
Moscow police have yet to confirm claims by former Chechen parliament deputy Isa Yamadayev of an attempt to assassinate him at his Moscow apartment late on July 28.

Yamadayev told the radio station Ekho Moskvy on July 29 that a man whom he did not identify opened fire on him. He refused to say whether or not he was injured. But he did say his attacker was apprehended.

The Yamadayev brothers were active in the Chechen resistance during the first (1994-96) war, but when hostilities resumed in 1999 they aligned with former Chechen mufti Akhmed-hadji Kadyrov, whom then-Russian President Vladimir Putin named to govern Chechnya in June 2000.

Isa Yamadayev's elder brother Ruslan, a former State Duma deputy, was shot dead in Moscow in September 2008. A second brother, Sulim, the former head of the Russian Defense Ministry's notorious and now disbanded Vostok battalion, fled Russia last fall after falling foul of current Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov (Akhmed-hadji's son). It remains unclear whether he was killed or merely seriously injured in assassination attempt in Dubai in late March.

On July 22, the Dubai authorities announced that two people, including a groom who tended Kadyrov's racehorses, will soon stand trial on charges of attempting to murder Sulim Yamadayev. Russian commentators have construed that charge as indirect corroboration that Sulim is still alive.

Isa Yamadayev was questioned for over a week in Moscow in May in connection with an unsolved abduction and with media reports that Sulim Yamadayev had tried through a third person to warn Kadyrov and his cousin Adam Delimkhanov that they risked being killed in revenge for their perceived role in the murder of Ruslan Yamadayev.

One week ago, Isa Yamadayev addressed a formal request to Aleksandr Bastrykin, the head of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, for protection against an anticipated attempt to kill him.

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