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Could Parliament Hold The Key?

E-mails and voicemails submitted in Persian to RFE/RL's Radio Farda on June 22.

I wanted to tell Mr. Khamenei that while you are the one who criticizes the Zionists, it is now you who has saved the Zionist image. Can you only show pictures of Palestinians? Aren't these Iranians? The very same Iranians who brought you to power? Why then are you killing them?

I am living in one of Iran's neighboring countries and am watching the Al-Arabiya TV channel, which has covered the heart-wrenching scenes of Iranian youth being beaten by the civil police forces in the streets of Tehran. A 50-year-old Palestinian is sitting next to me, witnessing these scenes as well. He claims in extreme surprise that he has never, in his entire life, seen this sort of treatment, even by Israeli soldiers toward the Palestinians.

Some said Mr. Khamenei has not left any way to resolve this crises. I believe the only way left now is the parliament. Even though the parliament itself is in alliance with Khamenei, if people prolong their brave movements, sooner or later the only way left to preserve Khamenei's image and at the same time resolve the crisis by convincing him to back off will be the parliament. I think the people ought to pressure their [Majlis] deputies until they deprive Ahmadinead of his powers because of his political disqualification. The leader may also then claim this case as a legal one, without showing any change in his course of action. I believe that if people continue to insist on their demands and force the coup government to decline, major steps will be taken toward democracy -- and later on they won't have to cross paths with Mr. Khamenei but rather with a weakened version of him.

With greetings, I request that you read this out.
Any individual with an average level of intelligence can understand the fact that Iranian broadcasting is completely untrue and fake. The fake interviews with the wounded, the made-up burial of a Basiji, the arrest of the bomb-blast culprits, even programs showing live coverage and showing live sequences of fake events. All lies. What has Mr. Zarghami [the head of Iran's state broadcaster, Ezzatollah Zarghami] considered the public?? I don't know the pay scales of Mr. Zarghami and all the working body of the Iranian broadcasting service, even the news readers, that persuades them to make up such lies.

Tell me,
The youth that you have killed are the true martyrs of the Iranian Nation and those who are wounded are the actual sacrifices of the religion and Islam of Mohammad.
If we are unable to commemorate their sacrifices by organizing some ceremony, it is assured that God is going to place them next to Imam Hussein.
If possible, please try to distribute the pictures of these martyrs among people and ask them to pray for peace on their souls.
Regarding the incident of lighting up a mosque, is it a military base? Once the civil police fired bullets from the mosque and made it their base, it became a military base. Similar to those Palestinians who shot rockets from the top of hospitals or preschools, resulting in Israeli troops being forced to target such places as well.
Please let all Iranians know.