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Donkey Satire In Azerbaijan

We wrote yesterday about the arrests of two Azerbaijani youth activists. The video above, produced and distributed by the OL and AN youth movements, is the type of thing that likely got them into hot water.

The head of OL, Adnan Hajizada, is one of the two arrested.

In the video, members of OL are making fun of the government for its "waste" of oil money. After local media reported that Azerbaijan had imported two donkeys from abroad each for a price of $41,000, one of the donkeys holds a press conference:

Question: If you had the chance to be born again would you want to be born as a donkey?

Donkey: It depends where I would be born. It is difficult to be a donkey in Europe, and especially in Germany. But in Azerbaijan it's different. It is easy to be a donkey in Azerbaijan, because if you are one then you can move forward.

The donkey also comments on a recent restrictive NGO law, plays the violin, and then leaves to meet with other donkeys.

-- Azerbaijani Service

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