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'Down With The Hooligans'

Emails to RFE/RL's Radio Farda today:

All the alleyways and streets leading to the Namazi and Daneshjou squares have been blocked by civil police (members of the Ashura Battalion) and people are not being allowed to join the protest. The battle still continues. Some of the basiji wearing white clothes have entered the streets in veils, displaying themselves to passing cars by throwing stones and shouting slogans such as "long live the basiji" and "down with hooligans."

With greetings, I request that you read this out. Today in the protests in Azadi Avenue, five people were killed in one of the alleyways named Shadman. I witnessed the dead bodies of three of them. Violence was at its peak and within the same Shadman street people, particularly young people, were fighting with the police and anti-riot forces and succeeded in disarming quite a few of them. They moved to Sattarkhan Street, shouting "Down with Khamenei." Gunfire could be heard throughout the protests.