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E-Mails And Text Messages To Radio Farda

Some of what has come in on June 20 to RFE/RL's Radio Farda.

e-mail, 5:30 p.m:
Messrs Musavi and Karrubi should immediately announce a general strike, otherwise they will kill everybody. They will kill you and all the people who have been arrested. Do not waste time, a general strike is the only solution for the crisis. Do not think that if you stay silent they will leave you in peace. Your death sentence has been issued. It needs only a stamp. And as the people go home, it will get the stamp.

e-mail, 6:00 a.m.:
There is a very interesting point in Mr Khamenei’s latest speech: he admitted that there is a big rift between the personalities in the government. And he lost the support of the people with his amateurish behavior. Now the majority of the Iranian people are against him. He is a leader but his speech was very amateurish and finally will lead to his fall and loss of power.

Text message:
Did you see that the main dictator is the leader. I have said several times the president has no power in this country. The people should think about the leader.

Text message:
Instead of supporting the people and protect their lives, the leader is taking sides with followers. This is really sad.

Through his behavior and words, Mr. Khamenei caused doubts about some of the main qualifications which the leader should have, according the constitution: if Mr. Khamenei is wise and has the correct social vision, why doesn't he react in a correct manner to the protests and the government's suppression of the people on the street using force? Due to his taking sides with Ahmadinejad, we cannot say that Khamenei is impartial and fair.