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'Each Of Us Can Make A Difference'

Tabriz, Iran
Tabriz, Iran
Economistbalatarin insists that each and every person can make a difference:

Each one of us is a fighter in our own way. It doesn't matter what method, what beliefs, or what principle we follow -- we all resemble a fighter who holds one coherent and congealed aspiration and who, away from any of life's personal worries, fights for his right of power.

Every single one of us can make a big difference today. A single move from us makes the headlines in world news, and any effort we make puts world leaders in vacillation. We are not dependent or reliant on any outside help. We are an independent nation and can liberate our country from the hands of any tyrant without any assistance from foreign media or any of the world's influential communities or their leaders.

Our slogan is unity, cooperation, and accompaniment today. Each one of us is Shariati, who can devastate the erroneous ideological foundations of the foe through his sermons.

Each one of us is Morteza Motahari, who can divulge all the squandering stories of the adversary.

Each one of us is Said Hajaian, who would recapitulate large strategies in short words.

We are Taleghani, to serve as a religious leader to our counterparts; we are Mohammad Mossadegh, who can nationalize the lost resources of the country. We are Mahmud Taleghani, to create a government against this brutal autocracy.

Let's not underestimate ourselves. Many nations in this world endeavored but could not succeed in doing what we are doing today.

Let's not underestimate ourselves, people. The experience of remonstration that we carried out under all the difficult circumstances, all those batons and kicks and gunfire and tear gas is exemplary in this world.

This is the time for us to think about strategies, principles, infrastructure, management and planning and our long-term goals.

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