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Election Day Survival Guide

Ialoveni, July 29
Ialoveni, July 29
"Morning in Moldova" is trying to get out the vote, raise the public mood, and -- most importantly -- "avoid fights" on election day.

With tips under categories like "Wear The Colours," "Get Out The Vote," and "Smile," it's a handy guide for enthusiastic voters who want their countrymen's voices heard at the polls:

"If you're a Liberal, wear light blue. Liberal Democrats should wear green while supporters of Moldova Noastra should wear yellow. Better still, grab a couple a couple of friends and wear all three colours together."

Communist supporters presumably know what color to don.

There's also this helpful tip:

"Write, record and video what you see, especially any funny business. This information may come in useful later on. (Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and you have something to write with)"

-- Andy Heil