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Five Must-Watch Videos From Iran

The real tech game-changer in Iran wasn't Twitter, or other social media, but the cell-phone camera.

Iran's opposition Green movement continues to get its message out by posting protest footage on YouTube and other video-sharing and social-networking sites.

Here are five videos from this week's country-wide protests that show that the opposition movement is still very much alive:

1. Female students at a Tehran high school voice their support for the protesting students.

2. Students at Tehran's Amir Kabir university wave money at members of the Basij militia entering the campus. Basij members receive a salary for their services.

3. Basij on motorbikes
beat protesters in Tehran.

4. Around Tehran University, protesters chant "death to Khamenei." Anti-Khamenei chants have evolved since the June protests. The chants are now more widespread and explicitly mention the supreme leader's name, instead of simply mentioning "the dictator."

5. At a protest in Tehran, people surround and thank the daughter of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who has criticized the conduct of the June elections.

-- Mazyar Mokfi

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