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Georgian Parliament Drafts Appeal To North Caucasus

At its inaugural session on February 19, the Georgian parliamentary group for friendship with the North Caucasus republics drafted an appeal to the parliament of those republics.

That appeal stresses Georgia's obligation, despite the currently strained relations between Georgia and Russia, to "preserve the historic friendly ties between the peoples of the Caucasus," with the aim of underpinning and peace throughout the region. It urges consolidation of fraternal economic and cultural ties between nations that have lived in the Caucasus for 1.8 million years (an implicit dig at the much more recent ethnogenesis of the Russian people).

It calls for "joint efforts" to "find the best peaceful paths" through the "labyrinth of world politics." It urges "the peoples of the countries [sic] of the Caucasus" to cooperate, arguing that only "brotherly unity" can guarantee "the flourishing and development of our common home -- the Caucasus."

Parliament deputy Nugzar Tsiklauri admitted that Georgia has no illusions that the North Caucasus republics will demonstrate any great interest in such cooperation. He said the appeal is intended as "a gesture of goodwill" on Georgia's part.

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