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Georgians Still Prefer Khachapuri To Pizza

Most Georgians, according to a new survey, still prefer their cheese-bread delicacy of khachapuri to pizza.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the ACT polling agency among 1800 residents of different Georgian cities, 88 percent prefer khachapuri to Italian pizza.

At the same time, 97 percent of khachapuri lovers are older than 40, while 28 percent of young people prefer pizza. Pizza appears to be more popular among women than among men.

It doesn't mean they don't like Italians, in fact most Georgians think that they have a lot in common with Italians.

But it does illustrate that Georgia is still quite a traditional society and still proud of their cuisine. There are a lot of theories, of course, linking cuisine with national character (the French calling the English "rosbifs" and the English calling the French "frogs" for example.)

For the Georgians, their food certainly remains one of the most evident expressions of their national identity and uniqueness. (Learn how to make it on YouTube.)

-- David Kakabadze

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