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More "Godfather-In-Law" Excerpts

Page 23: Since the presidential security does not check me, I take a tape recorder and turn it on as I enter the private villa on Navoi Street that is still called "the president’s fifth residence."

Page 70: Formally we really were the closest people to the president and this placed us in a dangerous position. The leader of our nation has one phobia: more than anything he fears a palace coup.

He has long ceased to fear the anger of the people or the activity of the opposition. He views everyone outside his palace walls as no more than sheep who are watched over by the vigilant shepherds of the state security organs, the police, and the prosecutor's office.

Page 84: Nazarbaev has no right to the post he has occupied all these years. He stole it, just as he stole the votes of the citizenry during the elections. The legitimacy of his rule came to an end in 1995 when he falsified the initial results of the referendum on extending his term until 2000.

Page 311: He likes to play with -- or rather, defeat -- the powerful of this world. He promises Washington to send Kazakh oil through the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline; he promises Moscow his eternal fidelity to Gazprom; but he sends his gas to China and pushes Turkmenistan in the same direction. He sends our soldiers to clear mines in Iraq and one officer has already given his life for the sake of this presidential curtsey to Washington.

At the same time, Kazakhstan participates in military exercises with Chinese forces as a favor to Beijing under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Page 449: He is still chasing me. On his side, he has enormous resources of dirty, corrupt money, complete impunity, and a complete absence of an elementary understanding of morality. He also has the complete power of the repressive state apparatus of the entire country. On my side -- is the truth.