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Googoosh, 'Rasa' TV, and the Green Movement

Symbol for "Rasa" TV
Symbol for "Rasa" TV
Blogger “Iranian Life” believes the recently launched satellite TV channel “Rasa," which belongs to the opposition Green Movement and was recently written about on Radio Farda, is not likely to attract a large audience due to "weak” programming:

“Googoosh [eds: a very popular Iranian singer based in the U.S.] has launched a satellite television network on Hot Bird.

It has programs all the time; programs that can be considered strong and interesting, for [an arts] station. In a way, one can say the programming is professional. It’s true that the programs concern the dance and art scene and have nothing to do with politics. And maybe some would say arts and music can't be compared to politics, but political programming can attract many.

But "Rasa" TV -- which is supposed to inform and enlighten the Iranian people and also, in a way, represents the Green Movement (which is correct in calling itself 'numerous') -- is producing only one to two hours of weak programs everyday. Also, it’s available through Telstar [satellite], which can't be accessed by many people.

It’s really a pity.

With all the skilled political force that is based outside the country and the mass of people inside and outside the country who claim they’re ready to do anything -- even give their life -- for the Green Movement, and despite the presence of political activists who are so well off that if they wanted to they could launch a private TV station, this channel should be considered as something akin to disaster!

Before the launch of "Rasa," [Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei] was quoted as saying that, 'If 1,000 [Green Movement activists] take up arms, it’s not very important; it’s more important to stop this television channel!'

But, now I think with the quality I’ve seen so far from "Rasa," that not 1,000 Green activists with weapons, but merely one armed with firecrackers is more dangerous for the establishment than this channel!

I hope we can all help improve this channel, because as [opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi said, 'awareness is the [Achilles' heel] of the Iranian establishment.'"

With a strong and complete television the awareness will grow each day among the people. I really hope so.

"Rasa" TV says their channel is also available through Eutelstat and Hot Bird satellites.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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