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Heard in Afghanistan: Will War Criminals Be Tried?

In Remote Afghan Village, the Story of a Young Survivor
July 12 -- Nine-year-old Zahra was orphaned after coalition forces bombed her village in a remote area of western Afghanistan last year. The attack killed 90 people, 60 of whom were children. Two days after the bombing, Radio Azadi correspondent Sharafuodin Stanakzai noticed a little girl dancing among the dead and decided to interview her. [Read in English]

Will Afghan War Criminals Be Tried?

July 15 -- US President Barack Obama says he is collecting facts about the killing of up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners in November 2001, reportedly by fighters of a US-backed warlord in northern Afghanistan. Though opposed to the investigation, Afghan President Hamid Karzai insists such facts should be collected about other war crime suspects as well. [Read more in English and Dari]

Afghan Presidential Candidate Hires James Carville as Consultant

June 9 -- Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani has hired US political consultant James Carville to join his campaign team. Carville was the lead strategist for Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential bid.

Challenges For Environmental Protection in Afghanistan

July 10 -- Afghanistan's environment and biodiversity have been dramatically affected by three decades of fighting coupled with years of severe drought. The Wildlife Conservation Society recently partnered with the Afghan National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) to forge a list of 33 species protected from hunting, harvesting, or trading. [Read more in English]