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Heard in Afghanistan - Shift in Anti-Drug Policy Draws Mixed Reactions

Shift in Afghan Anti-Drug Policy Draws Mixed Reactions

July 10 -- Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, announced that the United States will no longer support crop eradication. “The poppy farmer is not our enemy, the Taliban are, and to destroy the crops is not an effective policy,” he said. Afghans are divided over the new policy. [Read more in English]

Afghan-Pakistani Transit Deal Likely

July 9 -- In an exclusive interview with Radio Azadi, the Pakistani Ambassador to Kabul said he expects a new transit agreement between the two countries to be in place before the end of the year. [Read more in English]

Azadi Receives 25-ft. Letter from Listener

July 9 -- A Radio Azadi listener from a remote village has sent the station a letter measuring more than 25 feet in length. The writer discusses life in his village, including social activities, politics, drugs, and education. He also made a song request, asking the station to play a traditional Afghan tune. [Read more in Dari]

Azadi to Compete on Cricket Field

July 9 -- Radio Azadi officially inaugurated a cricket team of 16 players at its Kabul bureau. [Read more in Dari or Pashto]