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Heard in Iran - Do Clerics Still Support Ahmadinejad?

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (stands C) meets with clerics in Qom
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (stands C) meets with clerics in Qom

Arrests a Coordinated Campaign Against Student Group

November 24 -- Nine members of Iran's largest reformist student group, the "Office to Foster Unity" have been arrested since a November 4 rally protesting the outcome of June's presidential election. According to the "Advar" website, the arrests are part of a coordinated campaign by Iranian security forces against the student group and its leaders. [read in Farsi]

Do Clerics Still Support Ahmadinejad?

November 23 -- Has the government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lost the backing of the country's religious elites? Does it now rely on political-military forces for support? Two Iran-based analysts discuss the topic during Radio Farda's weekly roundtable "Viewpoints". [read in Farsi]

Journalist-Blogger Arrested

November 23 -- Sasan Aghaei, a 28-year-old journalist and blogger was arrested at his home by plainclothes agents, his brother told Radio Farda. The agents also took Aghaei's computer case and several books. Aghaei's whereabouts are unknown. [listen in Farsi]

Arrests Ahead of Student Day

November 22 -- Two weeks before Student Day is marked on December 7, Iranian security forces arrested several activists associated with the country's largest reformist student group, the Office to Foster Unity, and the group Liberal Students of Iran's Universities. A Paris-based activist told Radio Farda, "These arrests won't have any effect on the upcoming student protests...they have already arrested a huge number of political activists, yet it has had no impact on people's protests." [read in Farsi / read in English]

Banned Newspaper on Trial after 11 Years

November 22 -- The trial of "Tous" -- one of Iran's first reformist newspapers under President Mohammad Khatami -- was held 11 years after it was shut down. The lawyer representing the publisher of the paper told Radio Farda there is no hope for publishing independent newspapers in today's Iran. [listen in Farsi]