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Heard in Iran: Neda's Mother - "I told her not to go"

Neda's Mother To Radio Farda: "I Asked Her Not to Go"

July 29 -- The mother of Neda Agha Soltan, whose shooting has become a symbol of Iran's post-election protest movement, spoke to Radio Farda 40 days after her daughter's death. "Neda and I used to go to the demonstrations," her mother remembered. "Neda suddenly got very involved in this issue and it was very interesting to her." Neda, 27, was killed leaving a June 20 protest in Tehran and was "about 26 steps" from her car when she was shot, her mother said. [read in English; listen in Farsi]

Chomsky: Iran Protests are 'Honorable,' 'Courageous'

July 26 -- U.S. linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky discussed Iran's June elections in an exclusive interview with Radio Farda. "Putting aside the details of the election, about which we don't know much, the whole structure of the regime is oppressive and authoritarian and undermines basic civil and other human rights," he said. "Protest against it is not only honorable, but courageous because it faces extreme violence." [read in Farsi; excerpt in English]

Protestor Dies in Custody

July 28 -- The body of 24 year-old student Amir Javadifar, who was arrested during post-election protests, was returned to his family twelve days after his death. "Amir's jaw was broken, and his toenails were pulled out," said a friend who saw the body. Javadifar's family has been instructed to say he died in an accident and not to give media interviews, the friend said. "Amir was not a political person; he believed politics was full of lies." [read in English or Farsi]

Jailed Journalist Blames Nokia for His Arrest

July 24 -- Noted Iranian journalist Issa Saharkhiz claims security forces traced and arrested him via his Nokia mobile phone. His son, Mehdi, told Radio Farda that his father said, "all the tracking was done through Nokia and, if possible, lawyers should file a complaint against the Nokia company and take it to an international court." Saharkhiz is in solitary confinement and is suffering from several broken ribs, according to his son. [read in English or Farsi]

Journalist Tortured in Jail

July 26 -- Journalist Abolfazl Abedini was "horrifically tortured" for five days at the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence detention center after denying the charges against him, his lawyer said. Abedini was arrested June 30 at his home on charges of "activities against national security" and "spreading propaganda against the regime." His lawyer said Abadini suffers from a heart condition that has worsened during his imprisonment. [listen in Farsi]

Women Lead Global Day of Action for Iran

July 27 -- Radio Farda's program, "The Other Voice," featured women activists who organized demonstrations in Toronto, Geneva and Washington, DC for the Global Day of Action for Iran. They talked about the significant role women have played in Iran's post-election protests. [read in Farsi]