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Heard in Iran - Student Protests Mark New Academic Year

New Academic Year Greeted by Protests

September 28 -- In the past week, thousands of Iranian university students have staged anti-government protests on campuses throughout the country. At Tehran's Sharif University, hundreds of students staged an anti-government demonstration, the second such protest in two days. Many students were chanting "Death to the Dictator," and "Political Prisoners Must Be Released," in reference to the more than 100 people still jailed in Iran following post-election street protests in June. The students told Radio Farda that protests will continue as long as Ahmadinejad is in power. [read in Farsi / in English]

The Nuclear Issue

September 24 -- Henry Sokolski, the executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, told Radio Farda that Iranians could "come back into compliance with their obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty." He said Iran would have to stop producing fuel and allow hundreds of IAEA inspectors to monitor its nuclear program. [listen in Farsi]

Student Activist Jailed with Criminals

September 28 -- According to the lawyer for a student activist who was arrested seven months ago on charges of "enmity against God" and "spreading propaganda against the regime," Shabnam Madadzadeh is being held in a cell with prisoners that have criminal records. [read in Farsi]

Iran’s Leaders Must be Punished, Not its People

September 26 -- Noted dissident journalist Akbar Ganji told Radio Farda that heavy sanctions or a military attack against Iran will punish the Iranian people rather than the leadership. "The Iranian regime, which has systematically violated human rights over the past thirty years, must be punished, not the Iranian people," he said. [read in Farsi]

Who Rules Iran?

September 28 -- Who really rules Iran? Politicians, clergymen or the military? On Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," a former member of parliament, a religious scholar, and an academic look for answers. [read in Farsi]