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Heard in Iran - 17 Student Leaders Arrested

Rights Lawyer Banned from Leaving Iran

October 3 -- Security forces confiscated the passport of prominent human rights lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani as he attempted to travel to Germany in order to receive a major human rights award. Soltani was not given an explanation for the confiscation, but told Radio Farda that "they knew I would talk about Iranian human rights violations during my trip." [read in Farsi]

Student Leaders Arrested

October 3 -- Seventeen members of Iran's largest reformist group, the Office to Foster Unity, were arrested while meeting at a park in Tehran. Fifteen were later released. A member of the organization told Radio Farda that officials warned the group not to hold assemblies. [read in Farsi]

Iranian Women Receive Anna Politkovskaya Award

October 5 -- Members of the One Million Signature Campaign, an Iranian women's rights organization, were awarded the Anna Politkovskaya Award for Courage. Author Azar Nafisi told Radio Farda, "Anna Politkovskaya and Iranian women share the belief that our security and freedom are tied to that of others'. So we should fight for others the way we fight for ourselves.” [listen in Farsi]

Crackdown on Teachers Intensifies

October 6 -- Iranian authorities reportedly arrested twelve teachers during a meeting to mark World Teacher's Day at the home of one of the teachers. Another teacher who was there told Radio Farda that the government is not capable of solving the teachers' problems and opposes educational freedom. [read in Farsi]

More on the Nuclear Issue

October 3 -- Can a repressive government like Iran be transparent when it comes to international nuclear inspections? Academics and journalists in the U.S. discuss the nuclear issue on Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints." [listen in Farsi]