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Heard in Iran: Rapes Reported in Iranian Prisons

Rapes Reported in Iranian Prisons

August 12 -- Male and female detainees arrested during Iran’s post-election protests have been raped in prison, according to recent presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi. The speaker of Iran's parliament called the accusation “baseless,” but U.S.-based journalist Fereshteh Ghazi told Radio Farda that other lawmakers haven’t dismissed the claim. [listen in Farsi]

Police Attack Family of Slain Protester

August 7 -- Thousands of people attended a memorial service for student Kianoosh Asa in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah 40 days after Asa was killed during post-election protests. The service was held amid a heavy presence of police and security forces, who witnesses say turned violent against the crowd. “Police attacked people at Kianoosh’s grave with batons and pepper gas,” a member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization told Radio Farda. “They even sprayed pepper gas at Kianoosh’s mother and sister.” The witness said at least 10 people were arrested, including two of Asa’s relatives. [listen in Farsi]

CEO of IT Company Arrested for "Sending E-mails"

August 12 -- Amir Aslani, CEO of an information technology firm in Iran, was arrested Aug. 8 on charges of “sending e-mails.” Reza Moini of Reporters Without Borders said the arrest of Internet users for sending e-mails or photos further suppresses Iranians’ already limited access to communications media. [read in Farsi]

Wife of Arrested Activist: ‘My Kids Did Not Recognize Him’

August 6 -- The wife of Abdollah Momeni, spokesman for the Iranian Alumni Association, said her husband has lost about 25 pounds since his arrest two months ago. “My kids did not recognize him,” she told Radio Farda after visiting Momeni in prison. “He could not even walk or talk properly. … He was obviously under a lot of pressure.” Momeni was arrested at Mehdi Karoubi’s campaign headquarters. [listen in Farsi]

Mass Trials Continue

August 9 -- Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is threatening to prosecute anyone who questions the legality of confessions such as those issued, seemingly under force, by two reformist leaders in court, lawyer Mohammad Olyaeefar told Radio Farda. Olyaeefar said he was not allowed in court during the mass trial of protesters and reform activists and he refused to participate in such “show trials.” “My clients were not tried,” he said. “They were just used to fill the court room when the two prominent reformists ‘confessed.’” [read in English or Farsi]

Viewpoints: Iran’s 10th Government Faces Challenges

August 9 – Analysts Taghi Rahmani in Tehran, Ahmad Salamatian in Paris and Ali Reza Haghighi at the University of Toronto discussed potential tensions between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Parliament on Radio Farda’s weekly roundtable, “Viewpoints.” “This government is based on fraud,” wrote one visitor to Radio Farda’s Web site. “Neither its president, nor its Supreme Leader has credibility, so its foundation rests on sand.” [read in Farsi]