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Hard-Line Iranian Daily Criticizes Twitter Campaign For 'Obi Wan Karrubi'

"Obi Wan Karrubi"
"Obi Wan Karrubi"
Iran's hard-line daily "Kayhan" has reacted to a campaign on Twitter to nominate reformist cleric Mehdi Karrubi for the Nobel Peace Prize by saying that experience shows that only those who do their best to serve “the West and particularly the Zionists” receive the honor.

In recent days a "twition" has been launched for Karrubi to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of what has been described as “his outstanding contribution to human rights in Iran."

So far, about 250 tweeters have signed the petition.

"Kayhan" has described the move as an “attempt by Zionists to create a second Shirin Ebadi." (Ebadi, the only Iranian to have received the Nobel Peace Prize, has been under constant pressure for her activities in defense of human rights.)

Karrubi has condemned the postelection crackdown in Iran and made headlines around the world when he said that he had received reports that a number of detainees had been raped in prison. He has come under fire by hard-liners for raising the sensitive issue, and there’s been speculation that he might be arrested.

Karrubi has gained a lot of support among Iranians for his stances and his outspokenness. Pictures of Karrubi (see above and here) are making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook in which he is seen holding a "Star Wars" light saber.

They're calling him Obi Wan Karrubi.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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