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Hard-Liners Protest Against Karrubi, Deface His Building

Mehdi Karrubi
Mehdi Karrubi
Bornanews has posted pictures of a Sunday protest by a small group of hard-liners in front of the home of reformist cleric and opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi.

The hard-line Fars news agency said those who gathered and shouted "Death to Karrubi" were “students and families of martyrs." These protests are usually supported and sponsored by the goverment.

The protesters defaced the building where Karrubi lives with red paint and painted slogans denouncing and insulting him. Some of the protesters held banners. One of them accused Karrubi of being a Mossad agent.

Karrubi has come under attack by hard-liners because of his support for postelection protests and his criticism of the Iranian establishment. Karrubi’s allegations of the rape in prison of some of the postelection detainees has particularly infuriated hard-liners, who have said he should be put on trial.

The small group who protested against Karrubi on Sunday reportedly said they want the "leaders of the sedition" -- meaning Karrubi and opposition leader Mir Hossein Musavi -- to be put on trial as soon as possible.

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