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Heard In Afghanistan: Karzai Welcomes New U.S. Strategy

Karzai's Opponents Slam Supreme Court Ruling
March 30 --Afghanistan's Supreme Court has ruled that President Hamid Karzai, whose term officially ends in late May, should remain in office until a new leader is elected in August's presidential election. The decision has provoked an outcry from Karzai's opponents, who told Radio Azadi that the decision is "unacceptable and unconstitutional." [more]

Afghan President Welcomes New U.S. Strategy
March 24 -- Moments after Washington unveiled its new plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Afghan President Hamid Karzai's spokesman told Radio Azadi that the "Afghan government welcomes [President Obama's] new strategy, especially because it stresses the fight against terrorists on the other side of the border, in Pakistan." [more]

Afghanis Criticize Iran's Response to Obama
March 26 -- During a live, call-in program called On the Waves of Liberty, two Afghan experts were critical of Iran's response to US President Obama's recent message to the Iranian people. Dr. Ali Reza Noorizada, an Afghan journalist, said "Iran's leaders did not respond wisely to Obama's friendly and conciliatory message." Nasrullah Stanakzai, a professor at Kabul University agreed, but added that "Iran's participation in the March 31 international conference on Afghanistan in the Hague is a significant opportunity to improve US-Iran relations." On the Waves of Liberty is a weekly two-hour call-in show where journalists and experts discuss the latest political news in Afghanistan.

Schools Reopening as Volunteers Provide Security
March 25 -- As many as 650 Afghan schools closed because of violence may reopen in the coming months, an Education Ministry spokesman has told Radio Azadi. Mohammad Asif Nang said 81 schools that had been closed due to threats and attacks by insurgents have already been reopened in the past few months, most of them in the country's south, which is still partly under Taliban control. He said local politicians and members of small communities stepped up and offered their security services to provide a safer environment and adequate protection for students. [more]

Meet Radio Azadi's 25 Year-Old 'Person of the Year'
March 24 -- As Anarkali Honaryar celebrates her 25th birthday, she already wears many hats -- physician, human rights activist, and member of Afghanistan's Constitution Committee. Today, Honaryar can add another distinction to her impressive resume -- Radio Azadi's 'Person of the Year.' [more]