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Heard In Iran: Will Iran Squander the Chance for Better US Relations?

Iran's Revolution 30 Years Later: A Stagnant Economy
February 4 -- Iran's revolutionaries, having taken Ayatollah Khomeini's promises of Islamic justice, prosperity, and democracy to heart, were looking forward to a bright future for themselves and their children. But 30 years later, the children of the revolution have entered adulthood to find a lack of jobs, limited freedom, and little hope for the future. [read more in English or listen in Persian].

Will Iran Squander the Chance for Better US Relations?
February 2-- A Tehran-based university professor says the Iranian government should stop issuing slogans and begin addressing the substantive issues that divide Iran and the U.S. He says Iran cannot afford to miss the current opportunity that exists for better relations [read more in Persian]

Nearly 75% of Iranian Laborers Below Poverty Line
January 31 -- A labor activist tells Radio Farda that Iranian workers cannot make ends meet due to low wages and a 27% inflation rate [listen in Persian].

Student Activist Arrested
February 3 -- A former member of Iran's largest reformist student group was arrested in Tehran after returning from France, where he is pursuing a doctoral degree [read more in English or listen in Persian].

Iran Executes 48 People in Two Weeks
February 4 -- A political activist tells Radio Farda that the government's execution of criminals is doing nothing to prevent crime. He urges the regime to adopt a smarter, more comphrehensive approach to the problem -- "one that does not violate citizens' rights" [listen in Persian].

Iranian Group Removed from EU Terror List
February 2 -- On Radio Farda's weekly roundtable, "Viewpoints," a panel of experts discuss the EU's decision to remove exiled Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), from a list of banned terrorist groups [read more in Persian].